All As Online Tutoring

IES has partnered with All As Online Education, a premier provider of academic support services tailored for Chinese students, to enhance English proficiency and meet school standards. This partnership leverages All As Online Education’s expertise in online tutoring and its advanced AI-enabled learning platform. The platform skillfully pinpoints and addresses each student’s unique academic strengths and weaknesses, significantly improving their performance. All the educators involved in this program are certified teachers from international schools, guaranteeing superior teaching quality and a profound comprehension of global educational requirements for students.

How We Work With Schools

English Assessment

Schools identify Chinese applicants who might have challenges meeting academic requirements due to their English proficiency. These students are then recommended to the All As program for further assistance.


IES and the All As Team engage directly with parents to present a complimentary, personalized assessment for their children, followed by a customized learning plan. Parents are invited to experience our program through a free trial class. To facilitate seamless communication, All As will connect with Chinese parents using WeChat.

Progress Reporting

The IES Team consistently updates the school on each student’s progress. If a student shows significant advancement, the school might offer them an opportunity to retake the English proficiency test as part of their admission evaluation.

Remarks: This update, detailing each student’s progress, will be shared confidentially and exclusively with the referring school, ensuring that the student remains engaged and is likely to re-enroll with the referring institution.

Continuing Support

After students are placed in schools, All As will continue supporting them until they are fully prepared to follow instructions in English. Their instructors will be there every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition and fostering confidence in each student’s unique journey.

How All As Ensures Quality Teaching

What Makes All As the Top Choice for Chinese Families

World-Class Instructors

The courses are provided by international teachers who are currently working at international schools or have had experience working in international schools.

The flexibility of Online Learning

The program is entirely online, enabling students to learn at their own pace from any location at their convenience.

Tailored Programs for Grades 3-10

The courses are specially designed for students in grades 3-10 who are either considering enrollment in an international school or have recently started their education there.

Support in Native Language

Chinese language administrative support is available, ensuring students and parents have the assistance they need.

Transparent Performance Tracking

Parents can access a detailed report showing their child’s performance, with an option for a retake on the English proficiency test for school admissions.

All As - Success Stories

Luna’s Journey to Success with All As

Luna, an ambitious student from China, had her sights set on KIS, Thailand. Her English proficiency, however, posed a significant hurdle. After an unsuccessful attempt at the entrance exam in 2020, Luna didn’t lose hope and turned to All As Online Education. Recognizing her potential, our expert educators devised a targeted 3-month program to address her unique needs. We effectively bridged her academic gaps in collaboration with Luna and her parents. Luna’s subsequent acceptance into KIS stands as a shining testament to the efficacy of our tailored approach.

Daniel’s Success at St. Andrews with All As

After attending a bilingual school in China, Daniel aimed to enroll in a top-tier international school. In late 2022, he chose St. Andrews International School in Thailand. To navigate the admissions process successfully, he and his family sought guidance from All As. They crafted a three-month plan tailored to meet St. Andrews’ standards. Daniel’s seamless transition into St. Andrews demonstrates the profound impact of customized mentorship in achieving academic goals.

Top Schools All As Graduates Have Entered

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