Reshaping digital credentials & a tool for the future of education.

Who We Are.

● Convergence.Tech: digital transformation company, based in Toronto, Canada & Melbourne, Australia

● Convergence.Tech Identity (CTI) platform: Facilitates secure & efficient creation, issuance, presentation of verifiable credentials, transforming how schools recognise and reward achievement

● Already adopted by schools in 12 countries

● Same technology used in education as in our COVID healthcare solutions, with Government of Singapore

We solve important problems.

Problems we solve

● Private and secure for institution and student

● Authenticity trust issues

● Speed / efficiency / human and physical resources / cost-savings

● Content of learning outcomes

● Individual and organizational social-media promotion

Key value-add

Speed/efficiency/ trust in asking for and processing  information

How Digital Credentials work.

■ An Issuer

e.g. an educational institution / school

The organization that creates the Credential.

A school creates a Digital Credential recognizing a Student’s completion of a program or course. Sends it to the Student.

■ A Holder

e.g. a student

The person the Credential is sent to and who the Credential is about. 

The Student receives a Credential from their school.

■ A Verifier

e.g. a future employer or university

Is presented the Credential and can check its accuracy, authenticity and origin is from a known school.

The Student presents a Credential to their prospective employer.

School benefits, in detail.

Provably Authentic Documents. Students receive digital credentials which are cryptographically secure and unforgeable. Unlike previous digital badges or hosted documents, these are verifiable in real-time and online. This saves time, money, & risk for people are accepting them.

Flexible credential definitions. Allowing rich metadata, learning frameworks & outcomes data to be attached to the credentials to provide context around how they were earned.

LMS Integrations. With leading learning platforms, or custom-built APIs, allowing seamless integration of credential issuance into existing workflows, even for one-time learning events.

Digital Identity Wallets. User-owned portfolios of acclamations, credentials, and skills owned and controlled by students. We support leading and interoperable data standards, allowing information to freely move in and out of our services by student choice, including their previous credentials or digital badges. Students easily present data and share credentials across channels like social media, email, weblinks, and phone-to-phone to allow anyone to validate credential authenticity.

Learning Pathways. Create flexible learning pathways that help students visualize their path to greater achievements, and compound credentials that can demonstrate mastery.

Institutional Promotion. As students share learning outcomes, institutionally-branded credential that can be visually customized supports and promotes the work of the institutions who issue them.

Student benefits, in detail.

Easy No app downloads or registrations required to get started.

Seamless Students receive and use their credentials instantly, optionally opting into using our cloud wallets to manage their credentials, or picking them up with wallets of their choosing.

Private No individual tracking. Students have direct access and ownership of their data, including where and how they store it, and with whom they share it.

Open Students can import digital badges (e.g. OpenBadges) into their wallets, storing them alongside their high-assurance digital credentials.

Great Use Cases.

● Traditional learning outcomes (degrees, diplomas, certificates)

● Microcredentials & alternative credentials

● Work-integrated learning, volunteering, extra-curriculars

● Domestic and international program delivery bids

● Lifelong learning models, alumni engagement

● Education-sector / industry alignment

● Staff accreditation, employee recognition, academic / professional mobility

● Conference / professional development documentation & social promotion

● (re)Identification

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