Class Intercom

Empower your students to tell their story

A social media management platform for educators to teach, lead and mentor next generation.

Social Media for Educators

Put digital citizenship into practice with Class Intercom’s social media management platform. Give students a resource to share what’s happening in your school and empower real world digital marketing experience to become responsible social media leaders.

Connect All Your School’s Social Media Accounts

Manage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts on a single
dashboard—from your computer, iPhone™, or Android™ device.

Foster Digital Citizenship and Social Media Marketing Skills

Provide students with real-world tools to create, collaborate and communicate safely on social media.

Invite Teachers and Students to Become Content Creators

Collaborate while controlling publishing capabilities with built-in, customizable user access and approval features.

Manage Social Media Posts from Draft to Publishing Approval

Save time editing, providing feedback, approving and publishing content with custom workflows and simplified processes.