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Digital Marketing Services for Schools

An audit of your school’s website and digital marketing efforts is one place to start, but implementation can be the more time-consuming aspect. That’s why we offer in-house SEO and digital marketing services for schools that are tailored to your needs. In order to increase your school’s visibility, you’re going to need some expert help for implementation—that’s where we come in!

How We Work

Based on an extensive audit of your school’s website and digital marketing efforts our SEO & Digital Marketing Specialist will come up with a strategic plan to help enhance your school’s website and overall digital marketing visibility. By giving us access to your Google Analytics and social media advertising accounts, we’ll devise a calculated SEO, content, and advertising schedule with the aim of creating greater visibility and increased inquiry generation for your school.


School Website Management and SEO Services 

Keeping your school’s website up to date and running optimally can be time consuming. It can also harm your SEO efforts if done incorrectly. 

What You Get

  • An independent team of experts to plan and execute a website optimization strategy for your school.
  • SEO led content planning and creation to increase search visibility.
  • Ongoing website updates and site maintenance as needed.
  • Website load speed optimization and on-page SEO services.
  • Off-page optimisation and link building strategy. 
  • Continuous support throughout the year to help strengthen your overall digital marketing presence.

Social Media and Google Ads for Schools

Connect to potential new families via the world’s largest ad networks for just dollars a day.

What You Get

  • Keyword research, ad campaign planning and execution for Google and social media ads (based on your school’s digital advertising budget).
  • Ongoing campaign optimisation and upkeep.
  • Ad landing page creation will also be included for lead generation and event sign up.


Make data-driven decisions based on your website, search and ad campaign data. Easily understand which campaigns are most effective with live personalised reporting in Google Data Studio.

What You Get

  • Live reporting and feedback to highlight what strategies are working and how others can/will be improved.
  • Conversion and event tracking of ad campaigns.
  • Updates on Google Analytics, search console, and campaign performances.


Richard’s digital marketing services have boosted our school’s enquiries from Google, Facebook and Instagram. He efficiently keeps our website up to date even though he is not physically part of our team.
I can always count on Richard due to his diligence, top notch technical, and communication skills.

Raquel Silva, Director of Admissions, UWC Thailand

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