Global Employee Benefits Trends Report 2021

Would you like to dive into the latest employee benefits trends? Get your hands on the FREE, comprehensive report. You’ll get further insight into the aforementioned trends, complete with statistics, case studies, and illustrations. What’s more, you’ll get practical tips on implementing the benefits trends in question, so that you can up your talent acquisition and staff retention game.

What is Covered in the Report?

Top 5 global employee benefits trends in 2021

The report begins with a summary of the top five global employee benefits trends in 2021, before continuing with an in-depth explanation of each trend:

  • Embracing the hybrid workplace model
  • Mental health benefits are a priority
  • Taking a holistic approach to employee wellbeing
  • Aligning employee benefits with diversity, equity, and inclusion goals
  • The flexible future of employee benefits

Consolidating analysis from Pacific Prime’s in-house employee benefits specialists and insurance partners, along with the practice of leading companies, the report is packed with interesting statistics, case studies, and illustrations, as well as actionable tips on how to implement the employee benefits trend in question.

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