International Education Technology 2021

Technology has changed rapidly in the last 18 months, with schools leaning on easily accessible learning solutions to facilitate remote learning. Through this research project we can see a trend within International Schools to regroup and focus on how to strengthen student progression and optimise learning outcomes for all students.

As a result, schools globally are prioritising delivering individualised learning, and increasing engagement with school and parent communities to facilitate learning.

The need to understand the whole student and engage the whole school community in a child’s learning are fundamental ideas that are not new and are important to develop value in education, opportunities in learning outside the classroom and effectively move a student along their own learning journey.

However, through this research we can see a disconnect between technology used in schools and the strategic direction. It is important as we evaluate the technology in schools, that it is aligned to the shared goals and visions of the school, not driving them.

Decision making when it comes to technology is difficult and tied to a large number of dependencies, however spending time to delve deeper into these, and ensuring due diligence is completed will assist in making the right choices. This discussion document will look at how investing early can make these transitions smoother and ensure changes continue to align to a schools future.

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