The State of Insurance Report 2021

Set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, technological innovations, and a number of region-specific trends and challenges, Pacific Prime’s State of Health Insurance Report 2021 takes a deep dive into the international private medical insurance (IPMI) space and analyzes its impacts on individuals, businesses, and employee benefits. The report combines insight from their in-house insurance experts and key industry leaders, and acts as a one-stop resource for HR teams and international schools alike.

What is Covered in the Report?

■ Changes and Trends Shaping the Global Health Insurance Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to leave ripples across the health insurance sector in 2021. It has sped up some innovations and eliminated the need for others. To offer a bird’s eye view of the global trends, this section of the report brings to light the most prominent macro factors shaping the global insurance sector. Our analysis has been split into four sections for ease of reading:

• Insurance companies and clients continue to cope with the financial impact of COVID-19
• Major healthcare challenges and trends
• Impact of COVID-19 on the insurance industry
• Changing consumer needs and expectations for insurtech

■ Regional Changes and Trends

In addition to the aforementioned global trends, each region has their own nuances and factors that impact the state of health insurance in their respective locales. In this section, you will find in-depth summaries of key trends as they apply to each of the following regions:

• Asia-Pacific
• The Middle East and Africa
• The Americas
• Europe

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