International Teacher Supply in 2023

The last three years have caused widespread disruption to many systems, including  international school recruitment cycles. With some notable exceptions, many international schools reported lower than normal staff turnover due to teachers deciding to extend their contracts at a time of global uncertainty.  The risk-reward equation was altered, and few wanted to be ‘last in-first out’ or be caught on the wrong side of an unexpectedly closed border.

At the same time, the supply of teachers was constrained. From the 2019-2020 recruitment season to the end of the current 2021-2022 season, the number of teachers entering the international school market dropped drastically, year on year. Read more…

International Staff Turnover Trends

Edvectus surveyed almost 500 primary and secondary school teachers with an interest in international teaching in September and October 2022, including teachers on the international market already and those in the domestic markets.  The respondents were mainly from the most sought after education systems and nationalities – the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand – as well as other nationalities such as South Africa and Jamaica.

The results indicate that after years of Covid lockdowns, teachers are restless. 73% of teachers surveyed are likely or very likely to look for a new job in 2023.  Read more…

Factors that influence teacher job choice

As opposed to previous studies that indicated professional development was a main motivator, our respondents had very clear priorities with financial factors being prominent.  Whether a reaction to the cost of living crisis, the perception of a sellers’ market or a reflection of Millennials and Gen Z’s financial sensibilities[1], teachers are now focused on moving for financial gain.  99.4% of respondents indicated that financial benefits of salary, bonus and other benefits were important to their job decisions.  Read more…

Preferred Teaching Locations

Location preference is an important factor for teachers, and the location of a school will greatly influence its ability to attract applications.  Thus, Edvectus set out to find out not only what locations interested teachers, but what locations they would not consider. Unsurprisingly, Middle East was the top choice, with its large number of international teaching opportunities, relatively high tax free salaries, freedom from most Covid restrictions and large English speaking populations. Read more…

How these trends might impact international schools

School leaders relying on the past 2 years as an indicator of the upcoming recruitment season are advised to reconsider.  The pandemic was a seminal time that changed behaviours across the world, and our survey indicates that behaviours are changing yet again.  Teachers who hunkered down for the past 3 years will now be looking for greener pastures in areas they feel are safe, financially beneficial and able to provide the career development and social opportunities they crave.  Read more…

About Edvectus

Edvectus is a specialist international school recruitment agency with worldwide offices staffed mainly by internationally experienced ex teachers and educationalists. Established in 2013, they offer bespoke, intelligence-led recruitment solutions for international schools including retained search for school senior leaders and customised and focussed teacher recruitment events. Find out more at or email us at

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