The simplest and most-effective staff performance management and whole-school improvement solution currently available to schools. SchooliP is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool that empowers leaders to efficiently evaluate, support, and develop staff.

The perfect blend of school improvement, linking performance management with staff professional development, development planning, self-evaluation, school-wide audits and policy management.


Incorporating a robust and customisable evaluation system that allows school leaders to define clear performance indicators and track progress over time. It also facilitates regular feedback loops between managers and teachers, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and professional growth.


Designed to enhance teaching and support staff’s skills, knowledge, and instructional techniques. It employs personalised learning pathways, allowing teachers to identify their specific areas for growth and access targeted content that aligns with their individual needs and interests.


This is a comprehensive and dynamic platform that facilitates strategic planning and collaborative decisionmaking for school improvement. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows leaders, teachers, and stakeholders to collectively outline the school’s vision, mission, and long-term goals.


Empowering schools to conduct systematic and data-driven evaluations of their overall performance and progress. It guides school leaders through the evaluation process, prompting them to assess various aspects of the school’s operations, including academic achievement, teaching quality, student well-being, staff development, and community engagement.


One of the latest modules we have introduced is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform designed to streamline the audit process and enhance the efficiency of school evaluations. It offers customisable templates and checklists that align with various auditing standards and frameworks, allowing schools to conduct internal and external audits with ease.


The final piece in terms of whole school improvement is a platform that supports the creation and approval of policies, which may be reviewed on a periodic basis and track the viewing and acknowledgment of policies by staff too. This new module supports the process of managing policies across the school and ensures that they are relevant and up to date.


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