School Marketing Consultancy

School Marketing Consultancy Services

Every school faces unique marketing and communications challenges: At IES we offer a number of marketing consultancy services tailored to your school’s needs.

Complete Social Media Review / Audit 

We’ll analyze and review all of your social media streams to make sure everything is aligned (language, imaging, communication, and more) to help you optimize your platforms.

What You Get

  • An in-depth report that outlines your school’s social media strengths and where improvements could be made.
  • A walk-through and support of how you can make necessary changes to engage with your audience more effectively.
  • Strategic and actionable steps to help you optimize your social media platforms to reach more families and increase admissions.
  • Continuous support throughout the year to ensure your social media marketing efforts are on track.

Content, Communications, and Messaging Review / Audit

We’ll take an in-depth review/look at your implemented content, messaging, and branding strategies (email marketing, messaging on website, blog posts, etc.)

What You Get

  • A report of findings that identifies where messaging improvements can be made and where your strengths are.
  • Ideas, suggestions, and strategies to enhance your messaging and communications.
  • Copywriting suggestions and steps you can take to communicate more effectively to your target market to help increase enrollments.
  • Continuous support and coaching throughout the year to ensure your messaging stays streamlined across all platforms and that your school’s benefits are clearly explained.

Follow-up meetings & Continuous Feedback

We’ll be in contact over the course of the year every 2 months (or more) to review how implementation is going and provide support where needed.

Need help with your school marketing? We’d love to hear from you.